Sunday, August 20, 2006


Journaling: "Thoughtful - I love to watch you as you try and figure things out around you. I can see the wheels turning in your head. You study things in earnest, and you remember with ease. I hope this love for learning follows you forever."
  • Font is St. Charles
  • Everything except the inked edge on the photo from Absolutely by Lauren Grier at Elemental Scraps
  • Inked Edge from Edges Pack by Lauren Bavin at Digital Scrapbook Place
  • Scraplifted from Jumping in the Grass by serenasmom at Digital Freebies
  • Created for the Bannerwoman Weekly Scraplift Challenge for August 2006 Week 3 at Digital Freebies
  • Completed August 20, 2006

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  • Tuesday, August 15, 2006

    My Dad

    Not the most stellar layout, I admit. Certainly doesn't do justice to all the things my dad means to me. But I realized at about 1:30 AM this morning that the new challenges go up at Scrap Mommies on the 15th, which means that all challenge entries for the previous time period (and the kit I am after) have to be done before then! So I needed stuff done before the new challenges go up the morning of the 15th, which cuts off a day more than I thought I had. ACK! So I whipped this up, and it covers two challenges, which means I am now done done done! WHEW!!

    My Dad
  • Paper strips read: "teacher, friend, grandfather, leader, supporter"
    * Font is SNC Script
    * Everything from Sophistication by Lauren Grier at Elemental Scraps
    * Based on a sketch by Gina Miller
    * Created for the All About Me and Element Challenges for Early August 2006 at Scrap Mommies
    * Completed August 15, 2006

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  • Erin Dislikes....

    Someone made the observation that we often scrap about stuff we like, but almost never about stuff we don't, so that was this challenge. And before anyone gets really impressed, I did not make all those little strips. I just combined a plain cream paper with the joined circles on it with a paper that came with the strips and star circles. I was planning to use strips to hold each word anyway, and when I saw this paper, I figured I'd let it do the work for me!

    Erin Dislikes....
  • Journaling: "Erin dislikes.... broccoli, high heels, rudeness, bugs, heartache, crude humor, lies, alochol, intolerance, horror movies, hate, make-up, spicy food, UGA, illness, walnuts, sweat, ham, bickering, skirts, acne, Dr. Pepper, surgery, ignorance, coffee, bigotry, aging, war"
  • Font is Blown Deadline
  • Everything from All Stars by Robin Cabana at Scrapdish
  • Created for the Journaling Challenge for Early August 2006 at Scrap Mommies
  • Completed August 14, 2006


  • Monday, August 14, 2006

    Moonlight Monument

    I actually finished this one before Painted Tranquility, but I had to wait for permission from my aunt to post it, since it is her photograph. (Technically, I shouldn't have even used it without asking, but I had a hunch she wouldn't mind, and I'm on a deadline.)

    This leaves me with only three challenges left to complete for the Scrap Mommies kit for Early August, which I can hopefully manage with just two more layouts. Gotta get it done by midnight tomorrow! Wish me luck.

    Moonlight Monument
  • Photograph by Denise Carlson, used with permission
  • Solid black paper and Light Gray Matte from Intensity Add-On by Lauren Grier at Digital Freebies
  • Center background paper and dark gray matte from Romance at Dusk by Gina Miller at Scrapbook-Bytes, altered by me
  • Ribbon from Antique Floral by April Bern at RAK Scraps
  • Silver dots from Lavendar Fields by Melany Violette at Simply Clean Digi Scraps
  • Scraplifted from Sand-Sational by Amber1279 at Scrap Mommies
  • Created for the Scraplift Challenge and the Alter Challenge for Early August 2006 at Scrap Mommies
  • Completed August 12, 2006


  • Sunday, August 13, 2006

    Painted Tranquility

    As soon as I saw the inspiration painting, I immediately started thinking about calm and peacefulness and tranquility. I thought it would be cool to incorporate the words into the brush strokes that feature so prominently in the original painting (5th one down), but I couldn't figure out how to do them. Then I stumbled across a painted brush strokes brush set this weekend, and I knew it was meant to be.

    Painted Tranquility
  • Font is Amerika Sans
  • Painted Brush Strokes by Peppermint Creative
  • Brush strokes recolored with papers from To My Mother, For My Father, Blue Lavendar, and Honeydew Lemon, all by Peppermint Creative
  • Inspired by the painting Summer Lock by Frank Ettenberg (5th one down)
  • Created for the Inspiration Challenge for Early August 2006 at Scrap Mommies
  • Completed August 13, 2006


  • Luke's Favorite Kitty

    Ever since he became mobile, most of our four cats avoid Luke as much as possible, and I can't say that I really blame them. He was rather prone to the classic pulling of tails and ears and whiskers for many months. Cleo is the only kitty who has given him a second chance, and she is definitely his favorite, since she doesn't mind the now-occasional roughness so much.

    Luke's Favorite Kitty
  • Journaling: "Luke's Favorite Kitty - Cleo"
  • Font is Apple Butter
  • Everything except circle stitches from Lil Dude and Friends by Robin Carlton at Sweet Shoppe Designs
  • Circle stitches from Karen Hunt's Sewing Box Freebie Set Three, from her blog
  • Sketcy by Traci Reed for the Early August 2006 Scrap Mommies Sketch Challenge
  • Completed August 12, 2006

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  • Saturday, August 12, 2006

    Glynn Academy

    Two more Scrap Mommies challenges managed with this one layout, Scrap Therapy and Font. Five complete; still seven to go. The photos are of my beloved high school, one for each of the 9 buildings on campus, and one of the bell that sits out front. And yes, despite the name, this is a *public* high school.

    Glynn Academy
  • Journaling: "That's me. Glynn Academy Class of 1994. Has it really been that long? Like everyone else, I certainly had my awful high school moments, but overall, I really liked it. I graduated 5th in my class. I had lots of friends, some of which I still know. I moved in many circles, though I was a band geek and proud of it. I had one boyfriend, but we won't talk about him! (That was probably the worst part of high school for me.) I was thin (well, after 9th grade) and proud and confident. I knew what I wanted and I went for it. I was, and am still, extremely proud to be a Glynn Academy Red Terror, just like my father. That may not seem amazing to some, but given that we had moved 8 times by then, to end up at the same high school as my father is pretty wild. I love the old buildings and the history; GA is the second oldest public school in Georgia, and most buildings date from the 1920s. It was just a great time for me. I enjoyed learning, I enjoyed the people, I enjoyed the experiences (well, most of them). I just enjoyed life. Long live the Red and White."
  • Fonts are Harrington and Inkburrow
  • Everything from A Fresh View - Flair by Trish Jones at Scrapbook-Bytes
  • Based on a sketch by Jen Caputo (I just used the idea, not the template)
  • Created for the Scrap Therapy and Font Challenges for Early August 2006 at Scrap Mommies
  • Completed August 10, 2006

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  • Thursday, August 10, 2006

    New Haircut

    Wow, two layouts for me today! (Three, actually, if you count my progressive layout for The Scrapping Garden (you post your progress each week as pieces of the daily kit are added), but I only post the final on the blogs, so you don't get to see it yet.)

    This photo is actually the "after" shot for his very first haircuit, but since I still have a series of "in progress" photos of that event that I have not scrapped yet, I am saving that title.

    New Haircut
  • Font is Harrington
  • Everything from Journey by Bannerwoman Designs from Digital Freebies
  • Scraplifted from Madalyn by Trevorsmommy2004 at Digital Freebies
  • Created for the Bannerwoman Weekly Scraplift Challenge for August 7-13, 2006 at Digital Freebies
  • Completed August 9, 2006


  • Birthday Pout

    Another for Scrap Mommies, but it is not a combined one, so that still leaves me 9 to go, and only six days. Not sure if I'll make it or not, but I'll sure try. This challenge was to scrap your child pouting. I actually don't have many pouting photos. When he was little, the pout was your "five second warning" that he was about to explode, so one was prone to drop the camera (figuratively) and run to comfort him!

    Birthday Pout
  • Journaling: "Birthday Pout - Your very first birthday. What could be more fun than that? We worked hard, Nana made you a beautiful Nemo cake, and everyone was standing by with cameras to capture the classic "make a mess" cakephotos. But you were having none of it. You hated the feel of the icing on your fingers, and when I finally managed to get a little in your mouth, you still wouldn't eat any. You even threw the cake off your tray at one point. What a picutre to commemorate your first birthday cake!"
  • Fonts are Pea Leigh Leigh from Fonts for Peas and Delta Hey Max Nine
  • Everything from Oceanography by Roberta D'Achilee at Rendered Memories
  • Based on a sketch by Jen Caputo (I did not actually use the template, only the idea)
  • Created for the Baby Book Challenge for Early August 2006 at Scrap Mommies
  • Completed August 9, 2006

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  • Wednesday, August 09, 2006

    First Disney Vacation

    One down, covering two challenges (Theme and Quote). Only 10 challenges left to cover. And yes, I realize I have used the Mouse Ears photo already, but I love it so!

    First Disney Vacation
  • Quote: "Find what brings you joy and go there"
  • Journaling: "Disney 2005 - This was your first trip to Disney World. I was so excited to get to show you my most favorite place on Earth and to buy you your first set of Mouse Ears, with your name on the back, of course. Unfortunately, the trip did not go as well as I would have liked. No one slept very well at the hotel, least of all you. It rained the entire day, so you didn't spend much time in the stroller. Finally, the weather broke, with just two hours before park close. I've never done so much in so little time in my life! But you sure seemed to enjoy it, so that is ultimately the most important thing. I cannot wait for this year's trip!"
  • Fonts are Walter, Wild Ride, and Arial
  • Photos by Rita Warren and Erin Gaston
  • Blue Green Paper at lower left from Puzzled by Roberta D'Achille
  • Sketch Template by Jen Caputo
  • Created for both the Theme Challenge and the Quote Challenge at Scrap Mommies for Early August 2006
  • Completed August 8, 2006

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  • Sunday, August 06, 2006

    What have I done?

    For once, a post with no layout. I have been subscribed to the newsletter at Scrap Mommies for a few months now, but since I only started doing challenges in the last six weeks or so, I hadn't looked there for them. I attended the newsletter release chat the other night (because I just happened to already be on the computer when the reminder came across; I didn't make it a point to attend, though I may do so in the future), and I had a ball! So I checked out their forums today.

    Holy cow, do they have a ton of challenges!! And unlike some other sites (where I do not participate because of the following), you do NOT have to do every single challenge in order to get all the pieces of the kit; you only have to do 12 (which sounds like a lot, until you realize that there are 22 to choose from; and the other site requires like 16 or 17). And even better, you can use one layout to combine two challenges, so you only have to do 6 (if you're good, and careful about which ones you pick). Sweet! (And as I mentioned at the chat, why do I use that word online when I *never* use it IRL? LOL) It has been harder than I thought to pick 12 challenges. I have 10, and I'm still deciding.

    Oh, and here is the other catch. There are two kits, thus two "rounds" per month. So you only have about 2 weeks to get them all done. The first August round runs August 1-15. And since I just found it today.... yes, that leaves me only 9 days to crack out a minimum of 6 layouts (and a typical layout takes me about 3-4 hours; seriously). What on earth have I gotten myself into?! But I love this kit so much, I absolutely have to have it, so I will do my darnedest to get it done. Watch for (hopefully) lots of new layouts popping up in the next several days!

    This may be the only month I can do this, though, since I might have a job offer, and with Luke at home (and this would be a work from home thing), it will seriously cut into my scrapping time. It's still not official, though, but I'd really like to have this job. We'll see. I'll keep you posted.


    Saturday, August 05, 2006

    Growing Like a Weed

    This was my first ever ad challenge. Lots of sites will post an ad of some sort (billboard, magazine ad spread, etc) that you can then use for inspiration. It is much more ambiguous than a scraplift or a sketch challenge, because the idea is to simply be inspired, not necessarily to copy. You can use the structure, the colors, the subject, or just however it happens to "click" with you. Being the engineering type that I am, this is much harder for me, but I was immediately struck with the idea for this layout when I saw the ad (there were actually two, and you could pick). Want to see the original ad? Click me! This was also my first ever use of the bevel function in PSP. Clearly, I need to work on it a bit more, but I love the dimension it added to the flowers instead of them being "flat" around the photos.

    Growing Like a Weed
  • Background paper from Outer Banks Bonus Mini Kit by Eva Kipler at Digital Freebies
  • Doodle stems by Fernlili, recolored by me
  • Flower shape made with Flower Frame Paper Shaper from Free Digital Scrapbooking
  • Flower papers all from Summer SUNsations at Scrapdish, specifically:
    * Red by Krista Mettler
    * Orange by Jeanine Baechtold
    * Aqua by Krista Mettler
    * Blue by Krista Mettler
    * Purple by Jen Reed
  • Created for Erica's August 2006 Ad Challenge at Digital Freebies
  • Completed August 5, 2006


  • Friday, August 04, 2006

    Rendered Memories Clicky Finger

    Okay, Roberta D'Achille of Rendered Memories is *finally* having a sale. I absolutley LOVE her stuff, but (sorry Roberta) it is way overpriced. $7.50 for a regular sized kit is just too much, and she virtually never has a sale (or if so, it's only 10-15% off, which isn't enough for me). Now, it is high quality stuff, don't get me wrong. Were it regularly priced in the $5-5.50 range, I would buy it for full price, because it is worth that to me (I rarely pay the full $5 for your "average" kit; I'm a bargain hunter!). The 25% off she is having on select kits is perfect, though, and I even bought one thing that was not on sale (the swirl brushes; now I just really have to learn to use them, LOL!). So here are my spoils:


    On the Go

    I had a really hard time with this challenge. The steep angle of all of the elements made it difficult for me to find a photo that I was happy with the final look. I did take advantage of the fact that it made drop shadows difficult (thus losing definition between the papers and appearing very flat), so I decided to try the "stitched together" look, and I'm fairly happy with it.

    On the Go
  • Font is ActionIs
  • All papers from Beep Beep by Janel Kretschman at The Digi Boutique
  • Stitches from the June 2006 RAK Scraps Mega Kit by Jeannie Papai
  • Inspiration sketch by Maria LaFrance
  • Created for Maria's Weekly Sketch Challenge for 7/31-8/6/2006 at Digital Freebies
  • Completed August 3, 2006


  • Baby Blues

    Will you look at that! A *recent* photo of Luke, taken July 2006, wearing his new favorite shirt from his Nana no less. I had been wanting to try this technique of using multiple rotated copies of the photo instead of a traditional "matting" type thing, and this challenge was the perfect opportunity.

    Baby Blues
  • Font is Quill Oblique
  • Background paper from Aidan by Tracy Collins at Digital Freebies
  • Scraplifted from Beautiful Blue Eyes by melc at Digital Freebies
  • Created for the Bannerwoman Weekly Scraplift Challenge for 7/31-8/6/2006 at Digital Freebies
  • Completed August 3, 2006