Sunday, August 13, 2006

Luke's Favorite Kitty

Ever since he became mobile, most of our four cats avoid Luke as much as possible, and I can't say that I really blame them. He was rather prone to the classic pulling of tails and ears and whiskers for many months. Cleo is the only kitty who has given him a second chance, and she is definitely his favorite, since she doesn't mind the now-occasional roughness so much.

Luke's Favorite Kitty
  • Journaling: "Luke's Favorite Kitty - Cleo"
  • Font is Apple Butter
  • Everything except circle stitches from Lil Dude and Friends by Robin Carlton at Sweet Shoppe Designs
  • Circle stitches from Karen Hunt's Sewing Box Freebie Set Three, from her blog
  • Sketcy by Traci Reed for the Early August 2006 Scrap Mommies Sketch Challenge
  • Completed August 12, 2006

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