Saturday, August 12, 2006

Glynn Academy

Two more Scrap Mommies challenges managed with this one layout, Scrap Therapy and Font. Five complete; still seven to go. The photos are of my beloved high school, one for each of the 9 buildings on campus, and one of the bell that sits out front. And yes, despite the name, this is a *public* high school.

Glynn Academy
  • Journaling: "That's me. Glynn Academy Class of 1994. Has it really been that long? Like everyone else, I certainly had my awful high school moments, but overall, I really liked it. I graduated 5th in my class. I had lots of friends, some of which I still know. I moved in many circles, though I was a band geek and proud of it. I had one boyfriend, but we won't talk about him! (That was probably the worst part of high school for me.) I was thin (well, after 9th grade) and proud and confident. I knew what I wanted and I went for it. I was, and am still, extremely proud to be a Glynn Academy Red Terror, just like my father. That may not seem amazing to some, but given that we had moved 8 times by then, to end up at the same high school as my father is pretty wild. I love the old buildings and the history; GA is the second oldest public school in Georgia, and most buildings date from the 1920s. It was just a great time for me. I enjoyed learning, I enjoyed the people, I enjoyed the experiences (well, most of them). I just enjoyed life. Long live the Red and White."
  • Fonts are Harrington and Inkburrow
  • Everything from A Fresh View - Flair by Trish Jones at Scrapbook-Bytes
  • Based on a sketch by Jen Caputo (I just used the idea, not the template)
  • Created for the Scrap Therapy and Font Challenges for Early August 2006 at Scrap Mommies
  • Completed August 10, 2006

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