Thursday, August 10, 2006

Birthday Pout

Another for Scrap Mommies, but it is not a combined one, so that still leaves me 9 to go, and only six days. Not sure if I'll make it or not, but I'll sure try. This challenge was to scrap your child pouting. I actually don't have many pouting photos. When he was little, the pout was your "five second warning" that he was about to explode, so one was prone to drop the camera (figuratively) and run to comfort him!

Birthday Pout
  • Journaling: "Birthday Pout - Your very first birthday. What could be more fun than that? We worked hard, Nana made you a beautiful Nemo cake, and everyone was standing by with cameras to capture the classic "make a mess" cakephotos. But you were having none of it. You hated the feel of the icing on your fingers, and when I finally managed to get a little in your mouth, you still wouldn't eat any. You even threw the cake off your tray at one point. What a picutre to commemorate your first birthday cake!"
  • Fonts are Pea Leigh Leigh from Fonts for Peas and Delta Hey Max Nine
  • Everything from Oceanography by Roberta D'Achilee at Rendered Memories
  • Based on a sketch by Jen Caputo (I did not actually use the template, only the idea)
  • Created for the Baby Book Challenge for Early August 2006 at Scrap Mommies
  • Completed August 9, 2006

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    Blogger Shalini said...

    Awww! Look at that cutie pie. M didn't like eating his birthday cake either.

    Umm...Can you believe I've never actually used a sketch!! I did participate in a sketch challenge but just took an idea from it and made my own LO. So, do you have to plug pictures into the sketch template? Is it 12x12? How do you get the background in it? Do you erase the black areas? Clue me in, please!

    8/10/2006 11:51 AM  

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