Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Busy scrapping!

But I have nothing to show you. At least, not yet. I have 5 (yes, FIVE!) of the pages for the 2008 CD calendar completed, but given that several recipients read this blog, I can't post them just yet. Yes, the suspense is killing me! They look rather spiffy, if I do say so myself. I can't do the October one yet, since Halloween hasn't yet come, and I want to leave that option open. Plus we have some "fall activities" planned in the next couple of weeks that I hope will provide some great photo ops, so I may end up with some great pics for both October and November. But January, February, March, April, and June (yes, it is out of order; it is actually the first one I did) are all complete. I can't wait to show you!

In 11 weeks! (EEEEKKK!! Both because it is going to kill me to wait 11 weeks to show you, and because it is *only* 11 weeks until Christmas!!)


Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Sofia's Baby Announcements

See, I have been scrapping, it was just stuff I couldn't show you! LOL My best friend Connie had her baby three weeks ago, and I was allowed the honor and privilege of designing her baby announcement. And I went a bit overboard. I made up like 9 without photos for her to choose from. She chose her 4 favorite from there, and then I started plugging in photos. Some color, some black and white, some "color-tinted black and white" (you'll see); some photos worked better with some layouts than others. I ended up sending her 31 options made up of her favorite photos and layouts, and these were the four finalists. Not sure what she'll actually send out yet, but I thought I would show off some of my efforts. I can't take any credit for the sweet model, though; that was all Connie's doing! (Well, okay, and Jaime, but still.)

Sofia - Red Flower, Pink Tint
  • Brag Book Quick Page from the Personality Brag Book, a newsletter freebie by Meredith Fenwick Designs
  • Font is Nuncio

    Sofia - Red Brown Flower, Black and White
  • Font is Hobby Horse
  • Papers and Heart Ribbon from Love Notes Sample by Jan Hosford, a Friday Freebie from Digital Freebies
  • Grunge frame by Seebee's Freebies
  • Template by Lori Imel, a Daily Download Freebie from Digitals
  • Originally created for Luke's 2007 Valentine's Day card insert, slightly modified

    Sofia - Pink Floral, Color
  • Brag Book Quick Page from the Personality Brag Book, a newsletter freebie by Meredith Fenwick Designs
  • Font is Cygnet Round

    Sofia - Fresh Fusion, Color
  • Everything from Fresh Fusion and Add-On by Eva Kipler
  • Template is from Crib Notes Brag Book 2 by Sherry Tierney
  • Font is SNC Script