Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Erin Dislikes....

Someone made the observation that we often scrap about stuff we like, but almost never about stuff we don't, so that was this challenge. And before anyone gets really impressed, I did not make all those little strips. I just combined a plain cream paper with the joined circles on it with a paper that came with the strips and star circles. I was planning to use strips to hold each word anyway, and when I saw this paper, I figured I'd let it do the work for me!

Erin Dislikes....
  • Journaling: "Erin dislikes.... broccoli, high heels, rudeness, bugs, heartache, crude humor, lies, alochol, intolerance, horror movies, hate, make-up, spicy food, UGA, illness, walnuts, sweat, ham, bickering, skirts, acne, Dr. Pepper, surgery, ignorance, coffee, bigotry, aging, war"
  • Font is Blown Deadline
  • Everything from All Stars by Robin Cabana at Scrapdish
  • Created for the Journaling Challenge for Early August 2006 at Scrap Mommies
  • Completed August 14, 2006



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