Saturday, May 12, 2007

Mother's Day 2007

This year's Mother's Day card insert. I'll go on and post it today so I don't forget about it tomorrow. I'm sure my mom already got her cards, and she's the only one receiving a copy who might be reading.

Mother's Day 2007
  • Font is Santa's Sleigh Full
  • Everything from Ethan's Hope, specifically:
  • Background paper by Rebecca Gold
  • Orange paper by avictoria
  • Blue paper by Tracy Robinson
  • All stitches by Amanda Rockwell
  • Metal heart bar by Amy Teets
  • Ribbon by Elizabeth Lane
  • Crib Notes Brag Book Edition 2 Template by Sherri Tierney
  • Created as an insert for my 2007 Mother's Day Cards
  • Completed May 7, 2007



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