Monday, April 09, 2007

Finally started scrapping again

I got the urge to start scrapping BIL's wedding. After seeing such good reviews of the bound Shutterfly books, I think I will go that route in 8x8. Even if I can print the pages cheaper than $1 each (which would be difficult), once you add in the cost of a scrapbook and page protectors, it would be as much as a Shutterfly book. Plus, how cool is it to have an honest to goodness *bound* book all about you?! Well, them, but you get my point.

So, here are my first two pages. And no one go getting excited; I didn't do hardly anything. The LOVE element was pre-made; I just desaturated some of the "mother of pearl" type coloring it had. And the curves on the cover came like that, pearls and all. I just popped in the photo and added the text. Still, I think they look pretty spiffy! Now, I just need to bug the happy couple for all the photos everyone took so I can start on the inside. I have lots of photos, but not quite enough of the right kinds or the right people.

Mike and Jennifer - Front Cover
* Font is CygnetRound
* Everything from Black and White Wedding by DSP Designers at Digital Scrapbook Place
* Completed April 9, 2007

Mike and Jennifer - Back Cover
* Font is CygnetRound
* LOVE symbol from Black and White Wedding 2 by DSP Designers at Digital Scrapbook Place
* Background paper from Festive Mini Freebie by Misty Cato, a blog freebie
* Completed April 9, 2007



Blogger Shalini said...

I think Photo Books ROCK! I'm going to take that route with M's First Birthday Layouts. Now, only to see if I want to go 12x12 (too expensive) or would 8x8 suffice.
I love what you've done so far. LOVE that Love alpha LOL!

4/13/2007 11:36 AM  

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