Friday, July 21, 2006

All Star

Please note that the kit used to make this layout, Ethan's Hope Charity Kit, will only be available for purchase through July 31, so if you want it, get it now. It has a zillion things in it and is totally worth the $13 (156 papers, 338 elements of various types, 4 quick pages, and 4 alphas), plus the money goes to a good cause. (No affiliation, just a happy customer, etc.)

Well, I'm not totally thrilled with this one, but it was due today by midnight (I posted it at 11:52 PM), and this is my third try at it, so it will have to do for now. I may try tinkering with it again later when I have more time and creative energy. I'm feeling a little dry in that department at the moment.

All Star
Everything except paper tear from Ethan's Hope Charity Kit, specifically
* Orange background paper by Brenda Kempf
* Plaid paper (rotated by me) by Ali Kat Creations
* Blue polka dot paper by Paula Duncan
* Blue speckled paper and brown paper by Mindy Terasawa
* Round and square brads by Amanda Rockwell
* Flower Brad by Melany Violette
* Star and Square charms by Eve Recinella
* Beaded wire by Rebecca Gold
* Alpha by Theresa Hernandez
* Paper Tear 3 Inch Freebie by Stephanie Krush from Digital Paper Tearing
* Inspiration Sketch by Gina Miller
* Created for Subscribers Only Sketch Challenge #17 at Scrapbook-Bytes
* Completed July 20, 2006



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