Sunday, September 17, 2006

Bargain Clicky Finger!

Man, do I know how to bargain shop or what? First, Do It Digi is closing as of September 21, so if you want to buy something, buy it right now, download it immediately, and be sure you unzip it all to make sure none of it is corrupt before Sept 21! Here's what I picked up:

Then, Amanda Rockwell is retiring a bunch of kits, so I got these that I have been eyeing for quite a while before they are gone:

I also got two frame collections, Boy Frames and Girl Frames, but resized to 150x150, the previews are pretty useless, so just click the links to see them. They are really neat! Something I never would have purchased for full price, but it was almost a crime not to get them for that price.

That's all for me! Not any scrapping done at all since this last one of Luke thinking. Probably soon, though, since his first day of daycare is tomorrow. We'll see how the week goes. Not sure if there will be much scrapping time as we all get used to the new routine. I hope it goes well. Wish us luck!

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