Sunday, August 06, 2006

What have I done?

For once, a post with no layout. I have been subscribed to the newsletter at Scrap Mommies for a few months now, but since I only started doing challenges in the last six weeks or so, I hadn't looked there for them. I attended the newsletter release chat the other night (because I just happened to already be on the computer when the reminder came across; I didn't make it a point to attend, though I may do so in the future), and I had a ball! So I checked out their forums today.

Holy cow, do they have a ton of challenges!! And unlike some other sites (where I do not participate because of the following), you do NOT have to do every single challenge in order to get all the pieces of the kit; you only have to do 12 (which sounds like a lot, until you realize that there are 22 to choose from; and the other site requires like 16 or 17). And even better, you can use one layout to combine two challenges, so you only have to do 6 (if you're good, and careful about which ones you pick). Sweet! (And as I mentioned at the chat, why do I use that word online when I *never* use it IRL? LOL) It has been harder than I thought to pick 12 challenges. I have 10, and I'm still deciding.

Oh, and here is the other catch. There are two kits, thus two "rounds" per month. So you only have about 2 weeks to get them all done. The first August round runs August 1-15. And since I just found it today.... yes, that leaves me only 9 days to crack out a minimum of 6 layouts (and a typical layout takes me about 3-4 hours; seriously). What on earth have I gotten myself into?! But I love this kit so much, I absolutely have to have it, so I will do my darnedest to get it done. Watch for (hopefully) lots of new layouts popping up in the next several days!

This may be the only month I can do this, though, since I might have a job offer, and with Luke at home (and this would be a work from home thing), it will seriously cut into my scrapping time. It's still not official, though, but I'd really like to have this job. We'll see. I'll keep you posted.



Blogger Kerry said...

He he he he!

I love Scrapmommies. It's the main site I frequent, although I've only done one challenge this round so far.

8/06/2006 11:06 PM  
Blogger Shalini said...

That is a lovely kit! Hope you get it!

8/08/2006 9:36 AM  

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