Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Ooo, comments! Hi Lisa!

Well, non-family comments at least. So, Hi Lisa! LOL Lisa asked me what size my Sitting Pretty layout was scrapped. Most of the time, anything of mine that is not scrapped as a square is scrapped to 4x6 inches (1200x1800 pixels). Makes it much more convenient to print and keep in a brag book, and cheaper to boot! The one exception to this rule so far is Mind Meld. It was scrapped at 5x7 (1500x2100 pixels) because the proportions of the cropped photo worked better that way. I may adjust it a bit so that I can print it decently at 4x6, but since it was mainly for a challenge, I didn't mind switching to the 5x7 proportions for design purposes. Thanks for asking! I'm glad someone is reading this besides my family. :-)



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